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Eucerin Replenishing Cream 5% Urea and Lactate - 50ml

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Title: Eucerin Regenerating Cream with 5% Urea and Lactate - 50 ml

Description: Eucerin Regenerating Cream is an advanced solution to intensely nourish and repair your skin. With its unique formula containing 5% urea and lactate, this cream offers deep hydration and cellular regeneration for soft, healthy skin.

Thanks to its high concentration of urea and lactate, this cream acts effectively on dry and rough areas of your skin, helping to restore the epidermis' natural protective barrier. It penetrates quickly, leaving your skin smooth, supple and visibly regenerated.

Product benefits:

  1. Deep hydration: The combination of urea and lactate provides intense hydration, helping prevent excessive water loss and keeping skin hydrated throughout the day.

  2. Cellular repair: The regenerative properties of this cream stimulate cell renewal, thus promoting the healing of damaged or irritated skin.

  3. Improved skin texture: Eucerin Regenerating Cream smoothes and softens the skin, reducing the appearance of roughness and calluses.

  4. Strengthening the skin barrier: By strengthening the skin's natural protective barrier, this cream helps protect your epidermis from external aggressions such as irritants and pollutants.

  5. Suitable for sensitive skin: Formulated with gentle, non-irritating ingredients, this cream is suitable for sensitive skin and can be used daily.

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