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Eucerin Mattifying Sun Protection SPF50 - 50ml

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Eucerin Sun Oil Control Dry Touch Tinted Gel-Cream SPF50+ Medium 50ml offers the skin high sun protection while controlling its sebum production throughout the day. Specifically, this cream has a non-sticky, non-greasy texture that absorbs quickly into the skin. In turn, its fragrance-free formula makes it particularly perfect for sensitive and acne-prone skin as it balances and cares for it. Plus, the presence of color pigments ends up helping to even out skin tone, also helping to control excess shine for up to 8 hours in a row. Thus, the skin is not only more protected, even, but also with a comfortable and refreshing feeling.

Regarding its composition, this cream has three different powerful technologies perfect for oily or acne-prone skin. Namely, advanced spectral technology provides high factor UVA/UVB protection and HEVIS light defense. Thus, the skin is perfectly protected from the damage caused by these rays and thus prevents the appearance of hyperpigmentation or even premature signs of aging. Additionally, this cream has DNA protection which includes glycyrrhetinic acid which supports the DNA repair mechanism of the skin. Finally, the Oil Control technology combines absorbent microparticles and L-Carnitine, reducing the amount of sebum on the skin. In this way, the skin remains dry and mattified for many hours, leaving only a feeling of extreme comfort. All in all, this light and non-comedogenic cream not only strongly protects the skin of your face on several levels, but also unifies and comforts it.


  • Color: medium;
  • Coverage: medium;
  • Texture: gel-cream;
  • Skin concerns: sun protection, excess sebum and oily skin;
  • Time of application: morning and before sun exposure;
  • Age: 18+;
  • Skin type: oily and acne-prone skin, including sensitive;
  • Main benefits: controls the skin's sebum production leaving it mattified for up to 8 hours, neutralizes free radicals, supports the skin's DNA repair mechanism, light texture does not create a greasy or sticky finish, absorbs quickly, non-comedogenic formula.
  • Formulated without: fragrances.

The main ingredients

  • Oil Control technology combines absorbent microparticles and L-carnitine that reduce the amount of oil on the skin so it looks dry and matte for up to eight hours;
  • Licochalcone A is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory active ingredient that reduces redness and helps soothe irritation;
  • Glycyrrhetinic acid, a natural active found in the roots of the Chinese licorice plant, helps protect the skin from harmful free radicals, while supporting the skin's DNA repair mechanism.

How to use
Apply generously Eucerin Sun Oil Control Dry Touch Tinted Gel-Cream SPF50+ Medium 50ml on the face before sun exposure and reapply frequently especially after swimming, sweating or toweling to maintain the original protection. Avoid contact with eyes and allow product to be fully absorbed. Also avoid direct contact with textiles and hard surfaces to prevent staining.