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Instree Sun Gel with hyaluronic acid Spf 50+ - 50 ml

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ISNTREE Hyaluronic Acid Sun Gel 1.69 fl.oz.
SPF 50+, PA++++ chemically blocks UV rays
Without white cast, it is quickly absorbed by the skin and its texture is so smooth that it is easy to apply like a lotion.

Relieves skin irritations
As it soothes heated skin and gives elasticity to the skin, it also helps in improving dull skin.

What is FPS and AP?
SPF 50+: SPF stands for the percentage of UV-B blockage, which causes skin inflammation and burns the skin. The higher the number, the stronger the UV-B blocking ability.

PA++++: UV-A decreases skin elasticity and penetrates deep into the skin, and PA blocks UV-B.

Recommended for those...
Who want to protect their skin which tends to be dry in winter.
Who worries about strong UV rays during outdoor activities.
Who want a less rigid texture of sunscreen

Why does sunscreen contain hyaluronic acid?
As the skin can be easily damaged by strong UV rays, hyaluronic acid prevents the skin from becoming dehydrated and helps to maintain the necessary level of hydration on the skin.

8 types of hyaluronic acid
It replenishes moisture to the skin even when it is dry due to air conditioner or heating.

Chemical sunscreen works like...
The chemical protectant absorbs UV rays and breaks down to turn them into heat. It does not give a white plaster and is applied very gently.