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Maybelline - Super Stay Ink Lip Pencil - 45 Hustle in heels

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Maybelline Super Stay Ink Lip Pencil - 45 Hustle in Heels: Long Lasting and Vibrant Color

Description: Discover the Super Stay Ink- 45 Hustle in Heels lip pencil from Maybelline, a revolution for your lips. Its long-wear formula provides vibrant color that lasts all day. Thanks to its soft and creamy texture, application is easy and precise, leaving your lips soft and hydrated. Enjoy impeccable outfit without touch-ups, even after meals. With its bold shade Hustle in Heels (45), this lip liner adds a touch of sophistication to your makeup, allowing you to shine with confidence.

Product Benefits:

  1. Long-Wear : The Super Stay Ink formula guarantees long-lasting color that lasts all day, even in varying conditions.

  2. Vibrant Color : The bold shade Hustle in Heels (45) delivers intense, vibrant color that will highlight your natural beauty.

  3. Creamy Texture : Application is soft and creamy, providing optimal comfort while facilitating precise application.

  4. Hydration : Enriched with moisturizing agents, this lip pencil keeps your lips soft and supple, eliminating the feeling of dryness.

  5. Without Retouching : Enjoy impeccable outfit without the need for frequent touch-ups, even after meals.

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