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Niod hydration vaccine - 50 ml

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NIOD's Hydration Vaccine works by supplementing the skin's natural moisturizing factors which respectfully protects the skin from hydration (water) loss.

A "breathable" skin-adaptive moisture seal that helps protect against the loss of natural moisture factors (NMFs) and supplements the skin's moisture factors. NMF, composed largely of amino acids and minerals, is the skin's natural barrier against water loss. Indeed, protecting against NMF loss itself is the first line of defense against protecting against hydration (water) loss. This new approach stands in stark contrast to moisturizers that offer oils and lubricants as a method to mask dehydration instead of respecting the skin's barrier against water loss. This NMF supplementation in the skin has been shown to be so effective that it can help skin look up to 20 years younger, solely through increased natural water content.

Fungal composite organisms
A new biotechnology-inspired approach to building "water reservoirs" while supplementing NMF and forming a barrier to prevent its loss, these organisms are shown to reverse the appearance of firmness loss due to humidity by the equivalent appearance of aging up to 20 years. simply by replenishing the density of water.
Flexo-Silicone Mesh Adaptive Complex
A most complex mesh formed by several advanced next-generation silicones that change shape with pressure and can trap water both inside and under their mesh, sealing in natural and extra moisture and moisture. environmental factors. The adaptability of this complex form of silicone allows an extraordinary fixing and diffusion of the make-up applied later if necessary.
Molecular film of blue algae
A "breathable" protective film derived from an ataratic blue algae capable of protecting against physical water loss. When combined with additional water retention technologies in the formula, the equivalent of nearly 100% water content loss prevention can be achieved.
Leontopodic acid from Himalayan composite flowers (through stem cell technology)
A new innovation increases overall visible density by encouraging the skin to retain more water.
Glucosamine amide HA with pre-cursor enzymatic reaction (also present in NIOD MMHC)
Highly complex HA precursor system derived from the enzymatic phosphorylation of N-acetyl-glucosamine through a green chemistry process.
Burmese Mango Butter Dispersed by Sonic-Jet
An advanced nano-liquefied form of mango butter dispersion that saturates skin tissue with mangiferin and caffeic acid without the greasy occlusive feeling associated with mango butter in its pure form, maximizing consistent tissue saturation.
Xylitylglucoside complex
Humectant molecules derived from the complex chemistry of sugar are able to trap free water, both naturally present in the skin and supplemented water, providing immediate and longer term natural improvement in moisture retention with continued use.
Other technologies: peat moss for its hyaline cells acting as a reservoir of water, biomolecules of polypody fern, vegetable squalane hydrocarbon for immediate hydration density and a powerful dose of amino acids and additional NMF minerals .


DIRECTIONS: Apply a small amount all over the face morning and evening after applying serums (ideally NIOD CAIS and MMHC) but before applying any other sun protection cream and/or formula.

Hydration vaccine is in addition to CAIS and MMHC. One or two drops of Photography Fluid can be mixed with the hydration vaccine or on HV. Use morning and night as part of your NIOD regimen. The hydration vaccine can also be used as a stand-alone product.