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Niod Re pigment - Anti dark spots serum - 15 ml

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Description: Niod Re Pigment is an advanced formula based on diglucosyl gallic acid that helps reduce the signs of pigmentation and hyperpigmentation. Its powerful action targets dark spots, age spots and marks left by acne, giving you clearer and more even skin. Benefits:

  1. Reduction of pigmentation: Thanks to diglucosyl gallic acid, this product effectively targets dark spots and hyperpigmentations, revealing brighter skin.
  2. Fading Age Spots: Aging marks, such as sun spots and wrinkles, are visibly reduced, giving way to more youthful, radiant skin.
  3. Correction of acne marks: The marks left by acne are faded, promoting smoother and more even skin.
  4. Improved skin texture: This product helps refine the texture of the skin, making it appear softer and silkier.
  5. Suitable for all skin types: Niod Re Pigment is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Keywords: Niod Re Pigment, diglucosyl gallic acid, pigmentation reduction, aging spots, acne marks, skin texture, lighter skin, even skin.