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Niod Re pigment. Anti-dark spot serum -30 ml

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An ultra-lightweight, highly saturated emollient solution incorporating modern advances in biotechnology and peptide technology to fight the signs of one of the most complex skin conditions to treat: hyperpigmentation.

This formula visibly counteracts both uneven pigmentation, such as spots, as well as general pigmentation issues in multiple ways. This multi-path approach optimizes the synergy between technologies unlike networked technologies which address visible pigmentation through the same mechanisms.


Diglucosyl gallic acid: An alpha-glucoside derivative of trihydroxybenzoic acid, derived from biotechnology, this active is sixty times more powerful than kojic acid in visibly brightening skin tone.

Acetyl Glycyl Beta Alanine: A patented brightening peptide solution with a very low molecular weight of less than 200 daltons allows extremely effective penetration which is fundamental for its visible influence on skin radiance.
White Shiitake Ferment: An extraordinarily high concentration of this purified bio-derivative targets the appearance of dark spots in less than a week of use.

Potassium Azeloyl Diglycinate (Azeloyl Glycine): A dicarboxylic acid derivative, this patented technology is formed by the condensation of azelaic acid and glycine, providing far better lightening and anti-redness activity than azelaic acid itself. same.
Encapsulated Oligopeptide-68: Encapsulated, fully solubilized liposomal oligopeptide complex reduces the appearance of UV-induced pigmentation with continued use.

Solubilized Tetrapeptide-30: Patented high-saturation peptide complex visibly reduces contrast between areas of variable dermal pigmentation.
Evodia Red Fruit Derivatives: Borrowed from traditional Chinese medicine, a modern, high-purity derivative of Evodia Red Fruit promotes radiance and evenness from the first application.


Lipo-Oligopeptide Delivery System: This nonapeptide complex enhances the delivery of formula technologies.
Microfiltered Klamath Lake Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae: Obtained through biomass processing, this non-essential support technology is a marine derivative with exceptional antioxidant and moisturizing properties.


DIRECTIONS: Shake lightly. Apply serum to AM and PM face. If used as part of a NIOD regimen, apply after CAIS but before MMHC. Avoid UV exposure without protection when using this formula. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and seek medical attention. Use only as directed on intact skin. A patch test before use is advised. Keep out of reach of children.